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  1. The UN intervention in Sierra Leone grew into a huge peacekeeping mission to protect civilians, enforce peace, and create conditions for multiparty elec - tions, and it metamorphosed into comprehensive postwar reconstruction to promote human development. This intervention occurred within the con
  2. Thinking about the whole concept of humanitarian intervention after a class discussion, I was curious about the interventions that took place in Sierra Leone. What I found out was that intervention..
  3. Richards had spoken at a conference in Leeds and had systematically demolished Tony Blair's so-called humanitarian intervention in Sierra Leone in 2000. Heralded as a blueprint for 'humanitarian intervention' around the world, the involvement of British forces in the West African state was used to justify military action in Afghanistan and Iraq
  4. With the Sierra Leone Army and Jordanian UNAMSIL elements, British Special Forces launched a bold rescue mission — Operation Barras. The hostages were extracted along with 22 Sierra Leoneans. The assault effectively defeated the West Side Boys and provided a persuasive parable for information operations targeting the RUF
  5. It is from this process that the idea of humanitarian intervention emerges, and what concerns us with Somalia and Sierra Leone. Martha Finnemore defines humanitarian intervention as 'deploying military force across borders for the purpose of protecting foreign nationals from man-made violence.
  6. The civil war in Sierra Leone began in 1991 and was declared officially over in 2002 after UK, UN and regional African military intervention. Some claimed it as a case of successful humanitarian intervention

OCHA coordinates the global emergency response to save lives and protect people in humanitarian crises. We advocate for effective and principled humanitarian action by all, for all. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license The United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) was a United Nations peacekeeping operation in Sierra Leone from 1999 to 2006. It was created by the United Nations Security Council in October 1999 to help with the implementation of the Lomé Peace Accord, an agreement intended to end the Sierra Leonean civil war. UNAMSIL expanded in size several times in 2000 and 2001 Berger, Lee, State Practice Evidence of the Humanitarian Intervention Doctrine: The ECOWAS Intervention in Sierra Leone, 11 Indiana International and Comparative Law Review (2001), 605-32 Beyerlin, Ulrich, Humanitarian Intervention, in Rudolf Bernhardt ed., 3 Encyclopedia of Public International Law (North-Holland Publishing Co., Amsterdam, 1982), pp. 211-1 INT'L & COMP. L. REV. V. APPLYING CONDITIONALIST CRITERIA TO THE ECOWAS INTERVENTION. The ECOWAS military intervention in Sierra Leone serves as evidence of state practice supporting the humanitarian intervention doctrine, because it fulfills the Conditionalists' five criteria for a lawful humanitarian intervention

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Humanitarian Intervention: Britain in Sierra Leone. - YouTube. Humanitarian Intervention: Britain in Sierra Leone. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute WFP Sierra Leone Country Brief, October 2020 Format Situation Report Source. WFP; Posted 25 Nov 2020 Originally published 25 Nov 2020. Sierra Leone. UNICEF Sierra Leone COVID-19 Situation Report.

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  2. Before the epidemic, Sierra Leone had some of the worst health indicators in the world, especially for maternal and child mortality. In Tonkolili district, we support the paediatric ward,.
  3. whether it should also apply to intervention in crises that also pose a major threat to regional stability if left unattended. In other words, was the peace operation dispatched to Sierra Leone humanitarian, or a prudent early intervention to prevent the spread of a contagion of instability
  4. The decade-long conflict in Sierra Leone is viewed as one of the most brutal in recent history, with subsequent British military involvement commonly cited as a positive model of humanitarian intervention and referred to as Blair's successful war (Dorman, 2009). However, the term 'success' is often used uncritically an
  5. the impact of humanitarian operations is a form of critique; it should not be construed as a condemnation. The Mano River war In this section, I briefly trace the history of the conflicts in Sierra Leone and Liberia, including the resulting humanitarian response and the socio-economic context in which those resources were deployed. Understandin
  6. he Kosovo crisis in 1999 and the Sierra Leone hostage debacle in 2000 have reignited a recurring debate in international policy cir-cles over humanitarian intervention.1 This debate focuses on the legal, political, and operational conundrums of coercive actions for humanitarian purposes, and will only intensify in the future

The collective humanitarian effort has had a substantial, positive impact in Sierra Leone. Surgical debridement in combination with physiotherapy has improved amputees' functional abilities. Mass vaccination campaigns, the treatment of infectious diseases, and targeted feeding programmes have saved hundreds of lives Sierra Leone First Gulf War Sierra Leone East Timor Cote d'Ivor. Humanitarian intervention failures: SRIADL. Somalia Rwanda Iraq Afghanistan Darfur Bosnian civil war: humanitarian intervention criticism but what. It's a form of neo-colonialism-BUT Bosnia& Herzegovina joined together and are now a functioning,.

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  1. It argues that, in the wake of humanitarian interventions in Sierra Leone, combatants who moved on to fight in Liberia were more likely to use attacks against civilians in their military strategy. It suggests, however, that such tactical military choices are to be understood in terms of local contexts of meaning, most notably about the nature of political power
  2. But the Sierra Leone intervention worked - uniquely well, in the history of modern military interventions in Africa. The rebel forces were scared away from the city, the UN got off its knees and.
  3. UNICEF Sierra Leone COVID-19 Situation Report No 12, 1 - 31 December 2020. Safety nets, health crises and natural disasters: Lessons from Sierra Leone. Humanitarian Action for Children 2021 - Sierra Leone. UNICEF Sierra Leone COVID-19 Situation Report No 11, 1 - 30 November 2020. WFP Sierra Leone Country Brief, October 2020
  4. In the shadow of a ten-year civil war in which some 50,000 people lost their lives, Sierra Leone's peace agreement of 2001 opened the door to the gradual disarmament of armed factions, ushering in a period of relative stability with signs of economic growth. Sierra Leone's populations face a range of humanitarian challenges, from limited infrastructure for providing saf
  5. The objective of the mission was to demonstrate the commitment of the international donor community to support Sierra Leone's recovery from the civil war, and to focus on critical needs across.
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Before the epidemic, Sierra Leone had some of the worst health indicators in the world, especially for maternal and child mortality. In Tonkolili district, we support the paediatric ward, maternity and neonatal services and the blood transfusion laboratory at Magburaka district hospital, and also assist Magburaka mother and child health post with staff and supplies The breakdown of the Sierra Leone peace accord in 2000 that left many African troops held hostage is another reminder of the need for better-prepared peacekeeping troops, particularly from regions.

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  1. Sierra Leone: the real reasons for British intervention. The Labour government's decision to intervene in Sierra Leone marks the largest mobilisation of British forces since the Gulf war in 1991. Under the cover of its 'ethical foreign policy', and in the name of 'morality', New Labour promise to rescue the innocent population from the terror of.
  2. One of the most successful examples of regional, humanitarian intervention took place in the 1990s within Liberia and Sierra Leone, following repeated coups and civil wars in both countries linked..
  3. Takirambudde urged Mary Robinson, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights who visits Freetown, Sierra Leone on June 24, to mobilize international support for the investigation and punishment.
  4. Criticisms of NATO humanitarian intervention in Kosovo: (5) -NATO air campaign heavily criticised for targetting civilians/civilian buildings (but there's no such thing as a casualty free war/war without collateral damage) - esp by Amnesty International. -bombing Serbian tv headquarters in Belgrade
  5. It argues that, in the wake of humanitarian interventions in Sierra Leone, combatants who moved on to fight in Liberia were more likely to use attacks against civilians in their military strategy
  6. Few modern efforts by the international community to resolve complex emergencies through military force have been as widely celebrated in scholarship and the popular imagination as the UK's military deployment to Sierra Leone between 2000 and 2002. In both academic and policy circles, it is almost universally agreed that the UK mission was a resounding success

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  1. Government of Sierra Leone went into exile in Conakry, Guinea, accompanied by UN leadership. The latter was accused of blocking humanitarian assistance from reaching Sierra Leone, along with donors such as the UK. 3. March 1998 to October 1999: A small UN Observer Mission (UNOMSIL) wit
  2. and Sierra Leone,5 states' practices suggested that prior approval by the Se-curity Council was a prerequisite to any humanitarian intervention.6 How-ever, for the first time the ECOWAS Cease-fire Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) missions in Liberia and Sierra Leone provide two clear exam
  3. similarly scaled operations, namely the British intervention in Sierra Leone in 2000-02. When Britain deployed, Sierra Leone faced a humanitarian and security crisis. With negotiations repeatedly failing, the UN operation on the ground was unable to effect peace or disarm the Revolutionary United Front (RUF). The combination of regiona

'Reading' British Armed Humanitarian Intervention in Sierra Leone, 2000-2. 10.1057/9781137270023_5. In book: The History and Practice of Humanitarian Intervention and Aid in Africa (pp. On July 29, the U.N. Department of Political Affairs organized a Special Conference on Sierra Leone, chaired by Secretary-General Kofi Annan, to solicit support for the disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration program; humanitarian and rehabilitation needs; and ECOMOG Humanitarian intervention, actions undertaken by an organization or organizations (usually a state or a coalition of states) that are intended to alleviate extensive human suffering within the borders of a sovereign state. Such suffering tends to be the result of a government instigating, facilitating, or ignoring the abuse of groups falling within its jurisdiction Sierra Leone had received economic assistance from Babangida and Momoh's support for Doe was seen as a repayment of this assistance [37]. The decision to intervene was reportedly unwelcome by Charles Taylor who saw the initiatives as an attempt to prevent him from taking power In Sierra Leone, the un forces had to be rescued by British forces, who then carried out an effective intervention. And in Rwanda, the un forces were prevented by the un leadership in New York from stopping the genocide of 800,000 Tutsi.

Bringing these dynamics and their consequences to the fore in the Sierra Leonean case invites broader reflections on a humanitarian assemblage increasingly reliant on the mutual constitution of containment and engagement, security and resilience, in its approach to managing 'at risk' populations The mission's report recommends that the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs draw the attention at the Security Council to the gravity of the situation in Sierra Leone and request its intervention to facilitate the importation, the transit, and the cross-border shipment of humanitarian requirements under the UN sanctions and the ECOWAS embargo Youth FORWARD: scaling up an evidence-based mental health intervention in Sierra Leone by Theresa S. Betancourt July 2018 Mental and substance use disorders are leading causes of disability worldwide, affecting around 20% of the world's children and adolescents 3. 1990s UN System and Humanitarian Intervention 83 4. The Return of Classical, Conventional War 86 5. Non-Intervention and the Need for Humanitarian Interventions 87 6. Unauthorised Humanitarian Interventions 90 7. Criteria for Unauthorised Humanitarian Intervention 96 8. Emerging Norms of Humanitarian Intervention 99 9

The Sierra Leone episode underlines the critical need for democratic regimes to quickly create professional armies that operate within international norms. The poorly trained, poorly paid and poorly led Sierra Leone army was easily turned into a coup instrument by Major Koroma. The ECOMOG force did not prevent Major Koroma's rebellion In Bo district, MSF is confident that its intervention will result in a 75 percent reduction by 2015. The model of emergency obstetric care delivery that MSF has adopted in Sierra Leone and Burundi is saving a significant number of mothers from dying from pregnancy-related complications. MSF's positive experience from these countries can. crime whether or not genocide was unfolding in Darfur. Positively though, the intervention by Britain in Sierra Leone and the AU intervention in the Comoros are clear illustrations of how those intervening, were articulate in what they intend to do and their subsequent success

features for intervention: U.S. interests, strategic purpose, scheme of operation, exit strategy combined with agency coordination, and planning and development of the components of the mission. See id. at 85. 14. See Louis Henkin, Kosovo and the Law of Humanitarian Intervention, 93 AM. J. INT'L L. 2 (1999). 15 The world is replete with humanitarian disasters, often perpetrated by governments upon their own citizens. Today, civilians in Afghanistan, Burundi, Columbia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Iraq, Sudan, and many other countries suffer murder, rape, and torture at the hands of government or paramilitary forces.' Unfortunately, with few exceptions,' the United Nations (U.N.) Security.

including the 2000 British intervention in Sierra Leone and the ongoing French engagement in Côte d'Ivoire since late 2002—the major powers have repeatedly made it clear that they will not make the necessary commitment to prevent the massive human rights violations in Africa that result from conflict (Rwanda, the DRC, Burundi, and th Abstract. This essay investigates the connection between humanitarian intervention and R2P within an historical, legal, and conceptual context. It challenges the widely held view that Africa lacks the capacity to intervene in areas of conflict and human rights violations, arguing instead that the continent possesses the will and instruments to protect human rights We have similar opportunities for success in other countries where long conflicts have ended, like Angola and Sierra Leone. The two main humanitarian actors in the U.S. Government are the Agency for International Development (USAID) and the State Department's Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM)

Jamalife IN Sierra LEONE - Humanitarian organization, Freetown, Sierra Leone. 504 likes. To eradicate poverty in Sierra Leone In 2014 the Ebola virus entered Sierra Leone, soon to become the epicentre of a global health crisis. A state of emergency was declared, propped up by a large-scale and far-reaching humanitarian intervention; characterised by stringent bureaucratic and biomedical protocols, restrictions on social and economic life, and novel monetary flows European Commission - Press Release details page - Brussels, 5 June 2000 In response to the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Sierra Leone, the European Commission has, after consulting European Union Member States, launched the procedure leading to the commitment of a further 12 million Euro for the funding of emergency humanitarian assistance

SIERRA LEONE HUMANITARIAN SITUATION REPORT Period covered: 9 June - 6 July 1998 . This report has been prepared by the office of the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for Sierra Leone . and are in no way connected to the new influx of 55,000 into Vahun in North-West Liberia following the ECOMOG intervention an evaluation of a humanitarian education project for displaced children in wartorn Sierra Leone reveals the practical benefi ts that can accrue from even limited stakeholder participation in the inquiry process. In addition, while the evaluation of rapid education was not a transformative intervention, it nonetheles This article explores how framings of the 2014-16 outbreak of Ebola as a crisis, its causes, nature and consequences gave rise to two seemingly contradictory types of interventions within affected communities in Sierra Leone: a militarized state of emergency on the one hand, and efforts to foster local engagement and ownership on the other

How Humanitarian Intervention Failed the World On the opposite side, you see Liberia and Sierra Leone, where there was the largest U.N.-mandated peacekeeping forces,. Yet we also spend pages reviewing interventions in conflicts that had relatively little to do with the US, such as Sierra Leone, as well as the US intervention in Haiti in 1994 to restore President Aristide, which, as we state, seems to be the strongest case at least in recent US foreign policy of an intervention with positive humanitarian consequences (though not actually a “humanitarian intervention,†for reasons described in the book) Conferring with UN Resident/Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria Mr. Edward Kallon on the 25 th of August 2017, the President of the ECOWAS Commission Marcel de Souza said the ECOWAS Commission is leveraging on the goodwill already generated by its intervention in Sierra Leone to increase the level of assistance received so far Regional organization's autonomous use of force for humanitarian purposes : authorization and humanitarian intervention under The UN- Charter's article 53(1) - a study in light of ECOWAS and NATO:s interventions in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Kosovo respectively (English humanitarian intervention; that the Dayton agreement is nothing to be emulated in the way it was brokered, in its content, or in how it was implemented; and that IFOR was less successful than UNPROFOR, and contributed to osnias continuing dysfunction. The war ended when it did for three main reasons

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The Special Court for Sierra Leone 25 Implementing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission 26 Judicial reform effortsassists countries pursuing 28 Creation of a new Human Rights Commission 28 Demobilisation, and reform of the armed forces and police 29 7. Lessons from the Sierra Leone case 30 8. Conclusion 35 List of acronyms and abbreviations 3 Sierra Leone is prone to natural disasters and disease. The deadly outbreak of Ebola in 2014 weakened the country's health system and devastated the lives and livelihoods of many. Torrential rainfalls can also cause widespread displacement. In these kinds of crises, women, adolescent girls and children face heightened risks of experiencing health problems and violence because they are often.

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Sierra Leone Humanitarian Relief We have teamed up with Kids Compassion Charity to expand our impact internationally in Sierra Leone. Poverty and hunger are widespread internationally. As many are aware, these unfortunate factors are very much applicable to many countries in Africa. Decades of civil wars, corruption and disease have devastated the continent, with Sierra [ Action Against Hunger is in Sierra Leone since 1991. In 2019, we helped 70 754 people. Learn more about our work in Sierra Leone Help Save Children in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is a poor country in western Africa. A former British colony, it is significant in the history of the transatlantic slave trade, serving as both a departure point for captive people and a home for repatriated former slaves in its capital of Freetown Sierra Leone. The West African State of Sierra Leone has faced many challenges in reducing the levels of hunger and malnutrition in recent decades. The country ranks in the bottom ten countries in the Human Development Index 2016 and the Global Hunger Index 2017 classifies the hunger situation in the country as 'alarming'

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This evaluation report is presented as part of the Effectiveness Review Series 2015/16, selected for review under the humanitarian response thematic area using the application of Oxfam's Humanitarian Indicator Toolkit (HIT). The report presents the findings from the evaluation carried out in 2015 of Oxfam's humanitarian response to the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone. The [ Empire in Sierra Leone and LiberiaFemale Soldiers in Sierra LeoneMedical HumanitarianismThe Morning They Came For Us: Dispatches from SyriaMilitary Interventions in Sierra LeoneThe Bottom BillionX PlatoonMilitary Interventions in Sierra LeoneInternational Law StudiesThe History and Practice of Humanitarian Intervention and Ai

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Humanitarian Intervention marks a struggle at the foundations of international law. the UNSC in October 1997 considered the worsening humanitarian situation in Sierra Leone coupled with the effects on neighbouring states as a threat to the peace in accordance with Article 39 UNC.[45 In Sierra Leone, it is sustained by strong [shared experiences], community ties, spirituality, culture, and personal perseverance, she says. It's stunning. Ebola reactivated the trauma. While resilience can help protect some, the overall situation for mental health in Sierra Leone remains dire Humanitarian intervention has also been cited as the legal justification for UK and US no fly zones in Iraq, and to justify ECOWAS's interventions in Liberia in 1990 and Sierra Leone in 1998, prior to UN Security Council approval, which was later forthcoming Sierra Leone, ECHO Global Plan 2000/ Intervention Plan 2001 Health, Nutrition, Water and Sanitation - 2001 15 September - 17 October 2001 QUEST-Consult Christine Bousquet This report has been produced at the request of the European Commission and is financed by the European Commission The end of the Cold War has been characterized by a wave of violent civil wars that have produced unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe and suffering. Although mostly intra-state, these conflicts have spread across borders and threatened international peace and security. One of the worst affected regions is West Africa which has been home to some of Africa's most brutal and intractable.

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Humanitarian Intervention is fully indexed and includes a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editor, Paul D. Williams 'Fighting for freetown: British military intervention in Sierra Leone', Contemporary Security Policy, 22, 3, 2001, pp. 140-168 Binder: no there can be an interplay of material self interest and humanitarian norms in intervention decisions. What are the benefits of an intervention being purely self interested (Author + date) x 2. How long was the Sierra Leone conflict solved in vs how long it had been going on. 6 weeks v 10 years. Is Sierra Leone still at peace. Yes

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The politics of humanitarian intervention: a critical analogy of the British response to end the slave trade and the civil war in Sierra Leone. Journal of Global Ethics , 6(3), pp.273-285. Journa War, intervention and development The Sierra Leone Sanctions Debate Robin White: In 1997 sanctions were imposed on Sierra Leone by the United Nations and the International community as part of a deliberate and determined effort to move from power the AFRC junta, which had toppled president Tejan Kabbah's democratically elected government

Humanitarian intervention is the use of military intervention in a state to achieve socioeconomic objectives, such as keeping people alive and communities functioning by providing basic necessities, without the approval of its authorities. There are three eras of humanitarian intervention: the entire time up to the end of World War II, the Cold War, and the post-Cold War period The idea of a right to humanitarian intervention was pioneered in the 1960s by the French humanitarian organisation Médecins sans Frontières East Timor and Sierra Leone in 1999,. Compared with Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo, the recent western intervention in Sierra Leone has been largely forgotten. When the State Fails rectifies this, providing a comprehensive and critical analysis of the intervention. The civil war in Sierra Leone began in 1991 and was declared officially over in 2002 after UK, UN and regional African military intervention Armed intervention is hardly neutral, impartial, or consensual. How ever warranted or well intended, it implies choosing sides and using violent means. Historically, the main obstacle to armed intervention - humanitarian or otherwise-- has been the doctrine of sovereignty, which prohibits violating the territorial integrity of another state

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Stanford Libraries' official online search tool for books, media, journals, databases, government documents and more Using the case study of the response to the 2014-16 Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, this article probes into the assumptions underlying efforts to mobilise community stakeholders to legitimise emergency measures, revealing how they envision authority within communities as static and independent of experiences of humanitarian intervention

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Humanitarian intervention has changed the fortunes of many countries drastically for the better, such as in Sierra Leone. Instances where it has gone wrong are cases of it not being done enough, or quickly enough, or not being executed properly This chapter seeks to address this gap by exploring the role of human wrongs journalism in ensuring humanitarian intervention in Kosovo, but not in Sierra Leone, when the crises in the two countries peaked at the same time in 1999

John Kabia examines the Organisation of African Unity's capacity in protecting civilians at risk in civil conflicts and fostering the processes of peacemaking and post-war peacebuilding aimed at preventing a relapse into conflict. By using the case of ECOWAS, he studies the challenges posed by complex political emergencies to humanitarian intervention Sierra Leone is a very rich country in diamonds and bloodshed. The reason for the protracted civil war tearing Sierra Leone apart is the legacy of British colonialism and the struggle by the ruling cliques to rob the country's wealth From Rwanda to Kosovo, Sierra Leone to East Timor, and Libya to Côte d'Ivoire, soldiers have rescued civilians in some of the world's most notorious war zones. But what about Syria? Why have we observed the Syrian slaughter and done nothing? Is humanitarian intervention in crisis? Is the so-called responsibility to protect dead or alive How do I set a reading intention. To set a reading intention, click through to any list item, and look for the panel on the left hand side Start studying Examples of Humanitarian Intervention. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. Create. Log in Sign up. Log in Sign up. Examples of Humanitarian Intervention. 2000 Sierra Leone. After a prolonged civil war in Sierra Leone,.

Call for Proposals for Grants for Women Organisations from Liberia and Sierra Leone Medica Mondiale is currently inviting women's rights organisations from Liberia and Sierra Leone to respond to this call for proposals. The call for proposal aims at improving the situation of women and girls affected by sexualised and gender-based violence (s/gbv) perpetrated during [ Application and Impact of International Humanitarian Law in Sierra Leone Conflict 1991-2002. Amanya Timothy. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this paper. 37 Full PDFs related to this paper. READ PAPER


Photo credit: World Humanitarian Summit. This analysis summarizes and reflects on the following research: Hurd, H. A. (2016). The Inter-Religious Council of Sierra Leone as peace facilitator in post-1991 Sierra Leone HUMANITARIAN QUALITY ASSURANCE: SIERRA LEONE Evaluation of Oxfam's humanitarian response to the West Africa Ebola Crisis Effectiveness Review Series 2015/16 Aminata, a Community Health Worker, goes on a prevention tour through the neighbourhood. Credit: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam Globally, the dominant approaches used by NGOs to establish or support community-based child protection mechanisms are characterized by relatively low levels of community ownership. This is problematic since community ownership is one of the primary determinants of the effectiveness and sustainability of interventions. In addition, top-down efforts at strengthening chil Sarah Barnett and colleagues describe how an educational project was rapidly adapted into a radio education programme after the 2014 Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone In May 2014, Sierra Leone reported its first case of Ebola in Kailahun, a remote, marginalised, and impoverished district bordering Liberia.1 The district had one of the highest concentrations of Ebola infections during this. View Clark_Sierra Leone Civil War.docx from Science 2442 at La Sierra University. International Intervention in the Sierra Leone Civil War Alex Clark International Organizations in Worl

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