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  1. The JJ 6550 Valve. We have been in the guitar valve business for decades and have chosen the JJ 6550 as our favourite. The JJ version of the 6550 is a 'straight bottle' version of the original Tung-Sol (which came in a pear-shaped bottle). These JJ 6550 valves produce a really excellent sound in both bass and guitar amplifiers
  2. Name Brand Comment Stock Price Photo Order; 6550-JJ TESLA JJ Tesla The JJ 6550 is based on the famous G.E 6550A and this valve has proved an excellent valve for all applications. In bass In stock £27.00 Buy Now; 6550-JJ TESLA AMPEG SET JJ Tesla The JJ 6550 is a valve that is based on the famous American 6550A and since its launch it has proved an excellent valve.
  3. Best valves for the 6550 Valves amplifier. These selected premium quality valves give superior tone and power and are fully guaranteed
  4. The 6550 is a popular valve often found in HiFi and Guitar valve amplifiers such as Audio Research, Conrad Johnson, Fender, Marshall and Ampeg. A close relative of 6L6, KT88, KT90, KT120, KT150, they are interchangeable in many instances. Current production Electro Harmonix, Tung-Sol, Sovtek and Svetlana offer great sound and performance
  5. The 6550 is an ultra linear high power tetrode, the American version of the KT88. If you require matched pairs or quads, simply order 2 or 4. Price 1 off (excluding vat+p&p) Electro Harmonix 6550 - £37.50 Tung-Sol 6550 - £36.46 Sovtek 6550WE - £33.85 Bugera 6550B (Matched Pair) - £52.09 6550C Svetlana Winged C (Pair) - £218.75 JJ 6550.
  6. A Powerhouse of a valve . Many of our users choose these 6550 valves for their very rich bass tones and detailed mid-range. This 6550 beam output pentode is a good facsimile of the original Marconi design and unbeatable at this price for ruggedness and reliability

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The valve performed excellently in the ampegs, the classic growl with top end attack with either P. bass or Stingray was superb. The valves soundstage was larger than some other 6550 tested. The valve excelled in all the S.V.T set ups giving G.E type sound at a very competitive price. 6550A/STR HARMA 6550A-C TAD/RT886: Here is one of the new. The original 6550 tube was a pear shaped high power tetrode designed for power control by American Tung-Sol company. Later, GE and Philips produced straight bottle 6550s. The 6550 tube became quite popular in American audio amps in 1950s and 1960s due to its linearity and high power output. In later years, 6550 tubes were used in popular guitar amplifiers, notably in US versions of Marshalls.

I don't like the sound of the 6550 valve, so I have no direct experience as a long term user of such(and life of the valves will depend on amps used) but I would have said from experience with other types of power valves, that you are not getting as long out of these as I would have thought, this is assuming that the amp is working to spec 6V6 6L6 7591 KT66 were and are lower power octal based power valves that pre-date the 6CA7, KT88 and 6550. Screen grid Another fine helix (spiral) wire is added and placed between the Grid and Anode. A power valve with an added screen grid next to the Anode can be described as a Tetrode or Pentode. The screen is always kept at a high +V 6550 can operate at 600VDC and a screen of 400VDC, and Plate dissipation of 35 watts. We need to say here, that the MO Valve company had already build an improved 6550, it was the KT66. In 1957 the M.O.V. of England striked back with the another improved tube, their famous K.T.88, later sold as G.E.C. KT88, The KT88 had higher ratings than the.

Tube 6550 or Röhre 6550 ID6062, Beam Power Tube, Octal (Int.Octal, IO) K8A, USA 1935 and Power/Output shown. Radio tubes are valves 6550 SE Valve amplifier6550 SE csöves erősít 12E13 6550 7D11 CV5220 See also: Design for a 50 Watt Amplifier - KT77 & KT88 Advert - New Audio Output Valve The GEC KT88 - New KT88 Advert - KT88 Advert - KT66 and KT88 Advert Extras HMS Collingwood Other KT88 exhibits . The KT88 is one of the few classic audio output valves På Mascus Sverige finner du Valtra 6550 Remote control valve hydraulik. Priset för denna Valtra 6550 Remote control valve är - och den tillverkades 2003. Maskinen finns i Sjørup Group A/S tel. +45 97548300 - Kun eksport - Only for wholesale/export Danmark

Output valves in Cathode biased amps operate at maximum allowable temperature (quiescent Anode dissipation) An EL34 (6CA7) is rated at 25 Watts. A 6550 is rated at 30 Watts. A KT88 is rated at 35 Watts. 35V across a 470R resistor is 74mA. 74mA is the current flowing between Anode and Cathode, from a B+ supply of 380V. 74mA x 380V = 28 Watts BPS 2313 . Vridspjällventil i GG25. EPDM. Spjäll i AISI316. Luggad PN16/10. BPS 6580. Silkorg i rostfritt stål. Inspänning. BPS BSATSRF2633 . Bultsats till flänsförband DIN 2633 This was ground breaking because one pair 6550 power tubes could produce the same power as four EL34 or 6L6 tubes. It didn't take long for tube amp designers to notice and quickly hifi tube audio amps from Heath, Dynaco, McIntosh, Fisher, Scott, and others could be found in living rooms all over America.A decade or so later, bass guitar tube amp icon Ampeg was using 6550 power tubes in their. 6550 tuic.sol continued from preceding page maximum ratings design maximum values - see elk standard rs-239 plate voltage, dc grid 2 voltage, dc pentode connection triode and ultra-linear connection 660 -300 42 6.0 10.0 190 50 250 250 250 11,000 5,000 225 -16.5 16.5 105 3000 13.5 20 to o volts volts volts volts watts watts watts ma. kohms kohm The 6550 valves supplied are the extremely robust Russian Electro-Harmonix variety and are quite content with dissipating the power required to maintain Class A operation up to 30 Watts. The valve rectifiers used keep the high voltage power supply clear of the noise that can be introduced by silicon rectifiers

one thing KT88/6550 Load Impedance is depend on high voltage low current or high current low voltages.so 2 type of impedance.this is not only KT88/6550 valves low and depend on typical amplification mode like a Class A, Classs AB etc. some one would like to use 2.5K so should be use high current and low voltga The JJ 6550 Is the latest product to come out of the JJ factory In Slovakia (formally Tesla). Typical JJ high performance from this 6550 vacuum tube. Good solid bass and punchy mids

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6550 / kt88 / kt90 KT88's generate a lot power, handling significantly more plate voltage than other power tubes. As a result, KT88's and 6550's are produce cleaner tones and have low distortion, making it popular amongst bass amplifiers and high end audio applications We found 223+ 6550 Valve deals from 1.18£ Save UP to 40% ⭐ Dealsan help you find the best price and money-saving offers Price Comparison and Review In fact, when I initially placed two of them in the left channel, keeping the Electro-Harmonix 6550s in the right channel, I couldn't tell which side I liked more. It was only when I made the complete switch back and forth between quads that I ascertained that, in my amp, the Valve Art KT-88 offers a leaner, less colorful sound than the E-H 6550

Tube Data Sheet Locator. Warning: Substitutes are given as a guide only - please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application This video highlights the most popular 6550 and European KT88 tubes that are new old stock. These tubes are used in hi-fi as well as musical instrument amps.. Electro Harmonix 6550 - 6550 - Valves - Icon Audio Pentode Powe

The 6550 is cleaner (if you keep the PI the same), wider bandwidth and has a slight scoped mid feel compared to the EL34. Life expectancy of valves seems to depend more on the brand and the amplifier rather than the valve type. In my 14 years of owning,. 6550 The beam tetrode 6550, the standard tube in the Marshall AFD100, is similar to the 6L6 and came to life in 1955. Simply put, the 6550 can be used to create an amp that has a bit more power than with either the 6L6 or EL34. Tonally, it's in the same vain as the 6L6: clean, little distortion and an almost 'glassy' feel Electro Harmonix 6550 - Valves - Icon Audio Pentode Powe Vacuum Tube - 6550A, Valve Art. Vacuum Tube - 6550A, Valve Art. Click to zoom in. Please Log In or Register to view prices and purchase products. In Stock. Octal power tube (Max Plate Watts = 42W) 6550 - Electro-Harmonix (T-6550-EH) 6550 - Tetrode, Beam Power, JJ Electroni (T-6550-JJ

Valve Art 6550; Valve Art 6550. Email to a Friend. $39.95. Availability: In stock. Quick Overview. Valve Art 6550 *Rating *Option * Required Fields . : : : . What do these options mean? $39.95. Qty: Add to Cart. Double click on above image to view full. KT88 - Beam power tetrode.Octal base. The mainstay of high power valves for Valve Amps over the past 50 years, most high end HiFi and guitar manufactures have built, or have an amp capable of running the KT88 - Ampeg, Audio Research, Beard, Carey, Conrad Johnson, McIntosh, Marshall, Rouge Audio, Sonic Frontiers, Mesa Boogie etc 6550 Power Tubes - Audio Tubes / Valves Power Tubes 6550 Power Tubes Audio Tubes / Valves Power Tubes 6550 Power Tubes Order before 1pm weekdays to ensure same day post (excludes Qld public holidays and orders containing backordered products) Tung-Sol developed the first successful car headlight in 1907, followed in 1913 by a single bulb two filament high and low beam headlight. Other Tung-Sol inventions included the flashing turn signal. Tung-Sol created the 6550 vacuum tube, a specialized Hi-Fi audio tube in 1954.. 6550. The 6550 is a beam tetrode vacuum tube introduced by Tung-Sol in 1954 for application as an audio frequency.

6550 Q-TOF or above approximately 650,000 for other Q-TOF and TOF instruments. If Quick Tune results are acceptable, then you can skip to step 11 If Quick Tune results are not acceptable, then continue with step 7. 7 Run a Standard Tune to use even more parameters (10 to 15 minutes) M-6550-3V 4.6L 3V Camshafts INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS NO PART OF THIS DOCUMENT MAY BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT PRIOR AGREEMENT AND WRITTEN PERMISSION OF FORD PERFORMANCE PARTS. Clean the valve cover gasket groove with soap and water or a suitable solvent. M-6550-3V 4.6L 3V Camshaft

The KT88 audio tube is considered to be one of the best sounding power tubes for hifi tube audio amplifiers. In general, the KT88 tube has a magical mid-range similar to the smaller EL34 tube, but with low and high end extremes that reach much further.The KT88 was invented by Marconi-Osram Valve Co. and became quick competition for the USA made 6550 tube Valve Art tubes are made in China by the O&J company. Their products are twice tested, and selected electrically and optically. Just the way you expect it. For the selection you pay a small premium, but for that you get what you expect, without having to say it. Available types are 300B, 2A3, 6550, EL34, 5U4G, and many, many more. Click the menu of jacmusic,com for price information

4 x 6550 Vacuum Tubes Valves - Quad set. $95.32. $38.13 shipping. or Best Offer. 35 watching. ORIGINAL SVETLANA 6550 C NOS QUAD MATCHED VERY RARE. $300.00. $30.00 shipping. 15 watching. TUBE 6550 SVETLANA 2 pcs . $90.00. $10.00 shipping. Pair Svetlana SED winged C 6550WC Tubes Amplitrex AT1000 Tested ARS Branded 6550 is a beam output pentode with an octal base and power of 35W. Very powerful and great for bass, guitar and Hi-Fi amplifiers. It delivers a little less power than the KT88 but with a fatter tone 6550's are in my Diezel, and they are by far one of my fave power valves of all time...in that amp, for the applications I want and use it for. Although Herr Diezel has now moved away from 6550's for reliability reasons, I still choose to use because they just rip. If they blow, which they have, I will simply replace with the same... I love 'em. V With four 6550 output valves pushing 200 Watts of power, the AD200B has a deep, dynamic low-end with a creamy yet focused mid-range. The now-iconic gain structure reveals a wide spectrum of vintage and modern tones, from mellow hues perfect for flatwound strings, through to heavy, percussive growl JJ ELECTRONIC 6550: We were all wondering what JJ had been able to do with a 6550 design, so before we lit a quad up we went back to our agreed upon benchmark Amperex 6550's for another listen. After a short warm up and bias for the JJ 6550's we were all nodding in approval about the moderate volume clean tones which were warm with a nice sparkle

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  1. KT88 / KT90 / 6550 Tubes $ 30.00 - $ 240.00 US. type: Clear: KT88 / KT90 / 6550 Tubes quantity. Add to cart. SKU: N/A Category: All Tubes. Reviews (0) Reviews. There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review KT88 / KT90 / 6550 Tubes Cancel reply. Name * Email * Your rating * Your review * Related products. Rectifier Tubes. Rated 0 out.
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  3. Make sure your driver valve ( usually an ECC83 in British amps and an ECC81 in American amps) is balanced or else it is almost pointless in having a matched pair of output valves. We sell balanced pre-amp valves and all our valve kits include a balanced phase splitter valve
  4. A.F. BEAM PENTODE KT88 is a beam output pentode with an octal base and power of 42W. Very powerful, with strong bass and very bright highs. It can also be used in 6550 amplifiers

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  1. Push in fittings Mod. 6550 Equal Tube Elbow Connector. 4 to 8mm tube versions supplied in multiples of 10. 10 to 14mm supplied in multiples of 5
  2. Allbrook 0.5 gpf Siphon Jet Top Spud Urinal with Selectronic Battery Flush Valve Syste
  3. The valves that we stock under the Svetlana/winged C are the original items made by the JSC Svetlana Company that owns and operates the Svetlana factory in St. Petersburg, Russia. Here is another example from 21st June 2018 from another reseller

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flow rate or pump control, Daniel has the control valve you need. All Daniel 700 Series control valves are self-contained and externally pilot-operated, so one basic valve can perform many different functions. Multiple pilot arrangements, easily modified, allow you to choose or change valve capability as required M-6550-3V 4.6L 3V Camshafts INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS NO PART OF THIS DOCUMENT MAY BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT PRIOR AGREEMENT AND WRITTEN PERMISSION OF Clean the valve cover gasket groove with soap and water or a suitable solvent. M-6550-3V 4.6L 3V Camshafts INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION Title: KT88 Author: M-O Valve Subject: JA-FP-2000-10-01 Created Date: 10/1/2000 7:35:29 P Stream Marshall 1959(1974) US Ver 6550 valve - Cascade Overdrive by Masahall from desktop or your mobile devic

På Mascus kan du finde Valtra 6550 Priority valve hydraulik.Prisen på denne Valtra 6550 Priority valve er - og den er produceret i 2003. Denne maskine er placeret i Sjørup Group A/S tel. +45 97548300 - Kun eksport - Only for wholesale/export Danmark China-hifi-Audio online store Classic No.16.6 6550/KT88 tube Integrated Amplifier with remote - Shanling CD-T10 I was refer to the output valves cathode resistors have failed and what i can see is the two parallel resistors to get the value they want to bias the output valves . even two in parallel is still too small wattage to bias the two KT88 or 6550 . also there is other small resistor that fail which i can read but it might be in the output valves grid leak . if it haven't took the output. The Unity 250ACT powered cabinet can be linked to any model in the line to add 250W or more of active power to your rig; taking you from the studio or rehearsal room to the gig with ease and portability. From the organic response of classic valve amps, to a transparent clean platform, Unity brings together the ultimate in bass tone China-hifi-Audio online store Bewitch 6550 Deluxe Edition 2018 hifi tube Integrated Amplifier Valve A50 KT88 - Bewitch 6550

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6550 Valves/Tubes Matched Quads. The 6550 valve is a much sought after guitar amplifier valve and is highly regarded by guitarists around the world. Always use a matched set of valves to ensure the best sound from your amplifier. Don't replace them singly Nuvistors. The nuvistor was developed by RCA and it was first introduced in 1959. Nuvistors were the latest tube development at just about the same time as the introduction of the first integrated semi­conductor circuits PF10422 B2EA-6550 Two-Stage 4 GPH 120VAC 120VAC pumps listed. For pumps with other voltage options listed above, please call Beckett or visit www.beckettcorp.com for more information. Oil Valve PD Timer Equipment 120 VAC Burner Start Wires From Appliance Limit Circuit Groun View NURS 6550 Week 4 Knowledge Check.docx from NURS 6550 at Walden University. Question 1 1 out of 1 points A patient with symptomatic Aortic Stenosis (AS) requires surgery due to severe symptoms

Valtra 6550 Remote control valve Øvrige oplysninger: B.Reg.TRAK - Fjernudtagsventil. Hydraulik 2003 Danmark, Sjørup Group A/S tel. +45 97548300 - Kun eksport - Only for wholesale/expor A DIY Single-Ended (SE) Tube Amplifier Project that is compatible with KT88 / 6L6 / EL34 / 6CA7 tubes. A 6N1P dual triode is used to drive the output stage Thanks, if I am reading the valve ratings correctly, the EL34 would considered the weaker of the two. The DA30 comes with either 6550's or KT88 (6550/KT88/KT90), but I would be interested to hear the EL34 to see if there is a different characteristic to the KT88. So this might be considered a step down in some regards valve module is never required to fully close. Typically, another valve is used in conjunction with the flow control-ler to stop the liquid flow. The batch controller type is for appli- cations requiring flow rate control where the integral valve module will fully close between batch dispense cycles. If total volume needs to b

So the 6550 and KT88 are not equivalent valves. There is always a suspicion with Sovtek valves that the 6550 and KT88 are the same valve in a different package; as there are no datasheets for these valves you can't tell. However the winged-C and JJ-KT88s have the expected parameters for a KT88 Fisher 6350 or 6360 Series pilots are used with one of several different main valves in pressure reducing, pressure relief, or backpressure applications. All of these pilots can be used in gas service, all except the Type 6351 pilot can be used in liquid service 6550 is also a high gm tube and has more power capability so 200 Ohms would suit it as well. It simply is'nt pratical to have one value (of cathode bias resistor) fits all but if you must try this then you need to use the 6L6 value as the limiting value My old mate and I were talking and he said he paid over 160 bucks for a quad of 6550's. The guy said Valve Arts tubes were bought and made by Sino and that raised their price. I told him the salesman was full of it. I don't hear many guys ever talk about using them

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I produced a series of KT88 mono blocks in the 1990's and when I finally ran out of the good G.E.C./MO-valve Gold Lion KT88's and had to switch to the US made 6550, I learned from experiments that the US 6550's sounds best and lasts longest at about 450 Volts Vitreous china; High Efficiency: Operates in the range of; 0.5 gpf to 1.0 gpf (1.9 Lpf/3.8 L/pf) Flushing rim; Siphon jet flush action; 3/4 inlet spu 6550 Tung-Sol Quartetto-quad. Condizioni: Nuovo. Matched QUAD Tubes 6550 Tung-Sol --PRICE FOR QUAD--note - Rodate e Selezionate Premium in Fabbrica + Testate in Audiokit prima della vendita con TTA + AVO VCM-163 --- DISPONIBILE PER LA VENDITA IN 0 - 20 gg --- dati agg 27/6/2020 MZ. New, factory platinum matched set of SIX (Sextet) Tung-Sol 6550 tubes. These are difficult to find at a reasonable price, so this is an opportunity to obtain a world class tube at a price that won't break the bank. These are burned in for 24 hours, factory matched at rea

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If the end tubes are selected accordingly, e.g. from a 115-watt power amp with EL34, the Challenger 150 model, if you're equipped with 6550, or a pair of Challenger 180 - when you equip with KT120. The quiescent currents are found by the amplifier with the help of Autobias (ABR) Application 6550 Second valve actuator (optional) Application 6541 Application 6550 Cooling valve actuator . Application 6551 Heating valve actuator . Application 6551 Application 6553 Stage 1 cooling (2-position valve actuator, or cooling compressor

Orange Rockerverb 50 MkII with EL34, KT77, 6550 and KT88ImageRaphaelite CP65 Tube Amplifier Multi-function Push-pull

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Let's buildding up 6550/KT88 SE Amplifier D.I.Y Important: One of famouse Valve Amplifier MFG.Spec said 300B Single Ended Amplifier has 8W rms so on but real is 6.5 W rms.useable power is 6 W rms.you must know. other way 2A3 SE with Tango,Tamura Transformer.can get easly 5 W rms power.valve cost es a half of 300B Russia,China.which is good for you Stream Marshall 1959(1974) US Ver 6550 valve - Crean by Masahall from desktop or your mobile devic JJ 6L6 GC 7027 A valves (tubes) Matched Quad $ 134.00 Read more; Matched Quad JJ EL84 / 6BQ5 valves $ 85.00 Read more; JJ 6550 Power valves (tubes) Matched Quad $ 255.00 Add to cart; Preamp Valve (Vacuum Tube) JJ ECC81 S / 12AT7 $ 19.95 Read mor 154-6550-V - M-burner Valve. View Part Info: Not Available More information: 154-6552-V - Sear Brnr Valve W/manifold. View Part Info: Not Available More information: 600-6550-2 - Valve Heat Shield. View Part Info: Not Available More informatio STANDARD PARTS 2-2 6550 330310 (5--01) 6550, NA Fig. 1 -- General Recommended Maintenance Items Ref. Tennant Part No. Machine Serial Number Description Qty. o 69941 (000000-- ) Performance Pkg 400Hr Gas 355L 1 Y 39046 (000000-- ) Spark Plug 4 Y 07705 (000000-- ) Gasket 1 Y 58120 (000000-- ) Element, Air Filter 1 Y 19205 (000000-- ) Filter, Eng Oil, Spin--On 4 Y 36050 (000000-- ) Filter, Fuel

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300B valves and the screen grid of the 6550 valve have a design - maximum value of 450 volts. But the design - centre value should be about 400 volts OR LESS ! Our EL34 valves and KT88 valves will tolerate much higher voltage, so we have a big safety margin, and we can give 2 years guarantee for our EL34 and KT88 valves in our amplifiers Bewitch 6550 Deluxe KT88 Vacuum Valve Tube Hi-end Integrated Amplifier 120v-240v. Brand New. C $1,492.43. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. or Best Offer. From Hong Kong. Free shipping. 21 sold. S p o n s o r e d. Spark Cayin A-88TMK2 KT88 Integrated vacuum tube amplifier tube amp. Brand New. C $2,114.28 to C $2,300.83 Automatic Magnetic Drain -- AMD 6550 Product Details in: Industrial Valves. Download The AMD 1550, the newest model in Kaeser s drain trap series, Kaeser's Eco-Drain Series of electronic condensate Model: AMD 1550 and 6550 No electricity is required for this automatic magnetic drain and you can choos

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