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Steps to change mode in Movies & TV on Windows 10: Step 1: Open Movies & TV in the Start Menu. Step 2: Choose Settings (i.e. the gear icon) on the left menu. Step 3: Select Light or Dark under Mode according to your need. Related Articles For instance, you can connect your laptop or PC running Windows 10 right to a TV. This is called screen mirroring. Screen mirroring allows you to wirelessly share your favorite photos or the latest viral YouTube video with friends and family. You can display mobile games on the larger TV screen Mirror your Windows 10 Screen on TV: 1. Mirroring using an HDMI Cable. The most basic way to mirror your computer with a TV is using an HDMI Cable. It can be a living room PC connected to your TV for a display instead of a monitor or your laptop which connects randomly to your TV unit for a wider display If the TV connects and displays the Windows screen, then it may be in the Extended Mode. The Windows Logo + P key combination will take you to the Project screen. Select Duplicate to view the computer screen on the TV Tablet mode on and start in tablet mode Hide taskbar Add the apps you want to the start menu and shift the tiles round to look nice. Get an air mouse to wave round.

All you do is install the server software, tell it where to find your media, and create a Plex account that you can use to log in from the server and any client devices. When running Plex on a. You can add the TV to your list of devices in Windows 10 using Settings. 1. Press Win + I to open Settings. 2 Just go to Settings>System>Display>Detect second monitor. Then, once TV monitor is shown go under multiple display and make a choice: 1. Duplicate these displays (heat Here's how you can use your TV as a second display on Windows 10. Click on the Action Center at the bottom right corner of the taskbar on your PC once the screen mirroring has been enabled on. To use it, start watching a movie or TV show and click the Mini Mode button at the bottom-right corner of the window. The video window will remain on top of your other windows, but you can move..

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  1. g services continues to grow. Toss apps to rent and buy movies on top, and there are a lot of options. Here are the best apps to stream movies and TV shows on Windows 10
  2. Select the Start button, then select Settings > System > About . On the About screen, next to Processor, identify whether it says Snapdragon, Intel, or AMD. For details about processors, see the sections for: Windows 10 in S mode on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Windows 10 in S mode on Intel or AMD processor
  3. With Windows HD Color in Windows 10, you get the most of out your high dynamic range (HDR) TV or PC display. When you connect your HDR10-capable TV or display to a Windows 10 PC that supports HDR and wide color gamut (WCG), you'll get a brighter, more vibrant, and more detailed picture compared to a standard dynamic range (SDR) display
  4. With Windows 10 in S mode, your favorite applications, such as Office, Evernote and Spotify, are available from the Microsoft Store where they're Microsoft-verified for security. You can also feel secure when you're online. Microsoft Edge, your default browser, gives you more protection against phishing and socially-engineered malware.
  5. Windows 10 Tablet mode has some additional features inside it, which you can explore by clicking on Change Additional Tablet Settings from the Windows 10 Tablet Settings menu. This section shows you a Table Mode On/Off toggle button.. After this, it is divided into two categories basis on the usage of Tablet mode

Fixing TV Resolution: Windows Settings. Fixing TV resolution through Windows settings is a little bit more complicated, but shouldn't be too difficult using the steps below. Keep in mind that this tutorial focuses on the Nvidia Control Panel, but those running Intel CPUs shouldn't have too much difficulty following along either Disable Colorblind Mode. If you no longer need the colorblind mode in Windows 10, you can simply disable it via the Settings app. Follow the steps listed below to know the procedure. Open the Settings app (Win + I). Go to Ease of Access → Color Filters. Turn off the Use color filters option TV settings explained: picture modes, This mode tends to give more accurate color recreation, Microsoft should just admit defeat and give Windows 10 product keys away for free. 2 Connecting a Microsoft Windows 10 laptop to a TV or projector is probably the #1 thing I have to deal with in the corporate IT world. I always get calls from folks who are about to start a presentation in a conference room and have nothing but trouble getting their laptop working with a TV or projector

Windows 10 handles tablets with a system called, unsurprisingly, tablet mode. It's a bigger, slightly simplified, more Windows 8-like interface that can be toggled on and off as needed i have a win 10 pc connected to home network with cable in router. in same network (cabled) is there a lg web os tv. when i search on digital media devices i found the lg web os tv. why don't find on send screen the webos tv? when a ho to screen share on webos tv i activated all things but my windows 10 x64 can't allow me to add or find the tv Another big addition to MyTube with today's update is the new TV mode. With the TV mode enabled, you'll be able to experience the app's UI for the Xbox One on your Windows 10 PC. While this feature won't be very useful if you have a small display, but those with a big monitor might enjoy the new TV mode in MyTube Baixe este aplicativo da Microsoft Store para Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Team (Surface Hub), HoloLens, Xbox One. Veja as capturas de tela, leia as opiniões mais recentes dos clientes e compare as classificações para Online TV for Windows 10 and Xbox One

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Wirelessly connect Windows 10 laptop to TV Step 1: . Turn on your TV and make sure that its Wi-Fi is turned on. You can navigate to your TV's settings to check if... Step 2: . On your Windows 10 laptop or tablet, navigate to Settings app > System > Display. Step 3: . In the Multiple displays. Go to the Charms Bar (move mouse to the top right of the display or press Windows + C) Click on Devices. Click on Project (Or press Windows + P) to get the Project option. If your computer supports the Miracast display, then you will see an option to Add a wireless display

The TV/monitor should not be more than 7 meters or 23 feet away from your Windows 10 computer or device. If the display doesn't have a powered USB port, you can use a USB smartphone charger and plug in your Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter into it, so that it gets the power it needs Check your tv settings. There's probably a setting in there that automatically switches you to game mode. Do it on tv's main menu, or with your pc of To enable picture in picture mode in Windows 10, open the Movies & TV app and maximize the window. Now select a media from your local storage or choose a movie or TV show that you've bought/rented from the Microsoft Store. You also have the option to right-click and tap on open with to access any file in Movies & TV app Check if your Windows 10 PC is detecting HDMI or not. Fix 3 - Restart PC with HDMI cable attached and TV being on. 1- Make sure that your HDMI cable is attached and Your TV is turned on. 2 - Now, Restart your computer. Fix 4 - Update your Intel Graphics driver. 1 - Press Windows key + r. 2 - Write devmgmt.msc and press Enter key

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Turn on a PC and try to enter directy on low resolution mode without starting the system. Since there is no F8 hotkey, you have to enter on Windows and restart pressing shift (or using msconfig). The only option is to keep turning the PC off when Windows is booting to get into the initialization recovery menu TV & Displays Audio DVDs, DVRs & Videos Get tech's top stories in 30 seconds: God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} The folder icon will change to a Control Panel icon. For example, in Windows 10, to edit environment variables,. Free Download Movies & Tv Shows themes for Windows 10. Desktop themes available in four color modes

The Creators Update for Windows 10 brought a bunch of changes to the built-in apps we love, including Movies & TV. To help get acquainted with the tweaks, here's a look at how to use the Movies. Sorry for the lack of info, but in Windows, you're pretty much limited to using RGB or YCbCr4:4:4 [email protected] to enable HDR in the NVidia control panel. The TV in PC mode, you're limited to minimal settings too. I did refer to the Rtings Q900R page and it confirmed PC settings for the TV is very limited. I have the TV set to Dynamic To enable Game mode on Windows 10, open the settings panel and type game mode in the search option. This will take you to game mode settings. Here you can see a toggle to enable game mode in Windows 10. Once this is turned on, Windows optimizes your PC for playing games. This is a very useful feature of Windows 10 which allows gamers to get the best out of their PCs While this article focuses on downloading movies to your Windows 10 device, you can also download TV shows you purchased from the Microsoft Store. Just follow the same steps as you would with a movie

Windows 10 has updated its HDR settings and processing. Here's how to enable HDR in Windows 10 and what settings are vital so you can enjoy HDR no matter what Windows 10 dark mode is here. Turn it on now. You don't have to be jealous of Mac and Android users. In Windows 10, you can turn on dark mode, too Weekly new releases, access to TV shows a day after air, deals and discounts, and personalized recommendations just for you. And on Windows 10 devices, Xbox and the web, the Movies & TV app lets you start watching purchased or rented content on one device, and pick up where you left off on another device Once it's been updated, launch the Films and TV app via the Start menu. Click the Settings button in the left sidebar. You'll see a Mode menu. Select Dark to enable the dark theme

I had a problem with the recent update of the Now TV player that you can download and install to use on Windows 10. It stutters every 5 minutes. So I uninstalled it and have tried the NOW TV app from windows store but it doesn't let me log in just says somethings not right The Movies & TV app is a step down from the Windows Media Player but, it does have certain features that WMP did not have. It lets you load custom subtitles and it supports the MKV format.. The subtitles in the Movies & TV app appear to be basic; you can select a file of your choice and switch between different subtitle files Windows 10 has a mini player for two apps; Groove and Movies & TV. Other apps can add the mini view but not many appear to have done so. If you watch videos online, you can install an app called Compact View which lets you view any website in the mini mode. The mini mode is basically picture in picture mode for Windows 10 and if you need to run a desktop app in picture in picture mode, you. While obvious, we want to verify Game Mode is on by pressing the Windows Key + S, type in, and click on Game Mode. Game Mode should be blue, or On. 2: Download Windows 10 Media Feature Pack Downloading the Windows 10 Media Feature Pack will solve the missing Game Mode problem for all users of Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 including N and KN Windows 10 in S Mode is a more limited, locked-down Windows operating system. In S Mode, you can only install apps from the Store, and you can only browse the web with Microsoft Edge. Microsoft is pitching security, speed, and stability here. Because Windows can only run apps from the Store, malware from the web won't be able to run

Windows 10, version 20H2; This article lists new and updated features and content that is of interest to IT Pros for Windows 10, version 20H2, also known as the Windows 10 October 2020 Update. This update also contains all features and fixes included in previous cumulative updates to Windows 10, version 2004 How to use God Mode in Windows 10 by Lance Whitney in Software on February 11, 2020, 12:53 PM PST God Mode is a handy way to access multiple Windows commands in one single window If you have a valid XP Product Key, you can install an XP VM in Windows 10. In addition, If you run Windows 7 in a VM, and then a child VM with XP Mode. You can. stack them like that. Not the best performance though

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  1. Mirroring Windows 10 to your Amazon Fire TV Stick lets you throw up internet pages in meetings, or simply share the most embarrassing Facebook snaps on a much larger screen
  2. Please integrate TV notifications with Windows 10 game mode. Starting with Windows 10 build 15019 , a new Game Mode feature has been added that can optimize your Windows 10 PC for an improvement in game performance and best possible experience
  3. On Windows 10, you can change between dark and light themes, choose accent colors, and decide where those changes will appear. Here's how to customize Windows 10 color themes and flip on dark mode.
  4. HDMI 2.0 doesn't have the bandwidth to do RGB at 10-bit color, so I think Windows overrides the Nvidia display control panel. It still says 8-bit when we're clearly in HDR mode (both the TV and Windows report mode change, and Youtube HDR videos are noticeably improved). Therefore, you will always have to choose between 4:2:2 10-bit and 4:4:4 8-bit

If your Windows 10 machine is going to Standby mode for no good reason, then here's how you can take greater control of it. Read on to know more Same here, tried reinstallation several times, the app won't accept my details, logging in from website ok, but won't play any content. Fed up with this rubbish app, works on PS4 and I pad, my wife has it on her tablet but that's not listed as a device in use. Now TV is a broken system and is pathetic if it can't sync with Windows 10 A legendary folder hidden in Windows 10 gives you quick access to a ton of handy settings in one place. The so-called God Mode folder provides links to a range of administration tools and tweaks.

With PC mode: you can watch DVDs on Windows 10 PC with this best DVD player software. With TV mode: you can connect your PC to an HDTV via HDMI cable and turn it into a complete home theater system with Dolby digital sound, enjoying cinema-like experience just at home Windows 10 has the option to Night Light mode which reduces the strain in your eyes. So, let's see how we can enable it while using the laptop during the night. How to Enable Night Light Mode in Windows 10: There are two ways to enable the Night Light mode on Windows 10. The first one is from the notification area of Windows 10 I am trying to install Windows 10 x64 in native EFI mode (not BootCamp) on my MacPro5,1 from 2010 with no luck. Yet I read the article HERE where a user named 2000one posts a detailed description half way down of how he got it to work on a 2009 model MacPro4,1 upgraded to 5,1 Although Retail Demo mode is a hidden secret feature of Windows 10 but you can find many references to this secret mode in Windows 10. Some of them are as following: 1. If you run Disk Cleanup on C: drive where Windows 10 is installed, you'll find a reference to RetailDemo Offline Content in the given list of files to delete: 2 How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10 You can use the Dark Mode feature in a couple of ways on your laptop or desktop. The feature can be rolled out across the entire user interface, on all apps, on specific apps only, and even on webpages

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Turning Tablet Mode on and off in Windows 10 is quite simple. See that little square in the bottom-right corner of your laptop? It is the notification center. Click on that once, and at the bottom of the notification screen that pops up, you will see Tablet Mode on the bottom left Windows 10 in S mode is different from other editions of Windows 10 as everything that runs on the device is verified by Microsoft for security and performance. Therefore, Windows 10 in S mode works exclusively with apps from the Microsoft Store. Some accessories and apps compatible with Windows 10 may not work and performance may vary Windows 10 in S mode is a locked-down version of Windows 10. Microsoft claims it has developed Windows 10 in S mode for security and performance purposes, and that has been achieved indeed, but the point is, that was done through that version's limited functionality Aerial - Apple TV Aerial Views Screen Saver for Windows 7, 8, 10+ Aerial is a Windows screen saver based on the new Apple TV screen saver that displays the aerial movies Apple shot over New York, San Francisco, Hawaii, China, etc A number of new laptops, including the HP Envy x2 and Asus NovaGo TP370QL, come with Windows 10 S (aka Windows 10 S mode) installed.Microsoft claims that 10 S is faster and more power efficient.

Category: Windows 10. Windows 10 is the latest operating system released from Microsoft. This category contains list of useful reviews, tips-n-tricks, troubleshooting and how-to guides about Windows 10. You'll also find regular updates, news and changelog about the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview builds in this section Enable or Disable Eco Mode in Windows 10. Open Task Manager. Click the More details link in the bottom right corner if you have it running in compact mode. On the Processes tab, right click on an app or process you want to enable the feature for. Select Eco mode from the context menu However, not everybody is happy with Windows 10, as early adopters are finding bugs and issues with the OS. Here is a look at how to enable God Mode, a look at how Windows 10 just can't stop phoning home and how you can spruce of your Windows 10 experience with a coat of Fresh Paint

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You can cast video directly to the TV by right clicking on it, then choose option cast to device. A list of miracast-compliant devices will appear in the options. Select your TV's name and boom, a few minutes, the media file will start playing on your TV This will bring up options for Sleep, Mirroring, and Settings. Click Mirroring and your Fire TV Stick. Next, click 'Enable Display Mirroring.'. Note: You may need to redo this procedure if the. UEFI running in Native Mode (not Compatibility/CSM/Legacy mode) Windows 64bit and it's associated requirements; Second Layer Address Translation (SLAT) and Virtualization Extensions (Eg, Intel VT or AMD V) A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is recommended. Step Two: Enable Windows Feature


Download TV Blaze for Windows 10 for Windows to tV Blaze helps you keep track of your favorite TV shows, your watched episodes progress and finding new shows to watch Below this, you see three choice for Automatic mode switching: Never prompt me and always stay in my current mode, Always prompt me to confirm, and Never prompt me and always switch modes

It still says 8-bit when we're clearly in HDR mode (both the TV and Windows report mode change, and Youtube HDR videos are noticeably improved). Therefore, you will always have to choose between 4:2:2 10-bit and 4:4:4 8-bit To do this, open up the Start Menu and click the icon of a cog. This opens up the Settings app. In the app, click 'Gaming' then on the left-hand menu, select 'Game Mode' then click the. Yes, it does have a SuperDrive (DVD Drive), however burning the Windows 10 ISO onto a DVD will leave the bootmgr files in the root of the disk and the installer will boot in BIOS emulation mode, not EFI! That's the entire reason to use a USB stick. Said USB stick is working and bots fine on my 2013 MacBook Air If the usage value exceeds the threshold then it will prevent Windows from going into Standby mode. If the current usage is below the threshold value then it will trigger to get into Standby This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from computer utilities without restrictions. Windows XP Mode 1.3.7600.16432 is available to all software users as a free download for Windows

I think the problem is with the TV input but I can't figure out how to fix. TV Specs: TCL Model 55S401 Version 9.0.0 In the PC display settings it will identify the TV as a display. the TV just won't show anything. Quick place to check is the HDMI MODE setting for the input. SETTINGS -- TV INPUTS - HDMI INPUT - HDMI MODE Mini View in Windows 10 is only available in Movies & TV and SkyPe Preview apps for the moment. Open a movie or a TV episode in Movies & TV app and look at the control bar at the bottom of the app. The Mini mode button is located at the bottom right corner next to the new 360° mode and the full-screen mode Highlight 'Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)' and click Properties. 5. Select Use the following DNS server addresses and type OpenDNS' addresses ( and in the Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server fields. 6 Previously, I had written about how you can use Assigned Access to put Windows 8.1 into kiosk mode, which basically only allows one app to be run on the system and that's it.It's great for any public computer that you want to have a high degree of control over. With Windows 10, the procedure has changed quite a bit and this article will show you how to do the same thing, just with the new. New Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts While some Windows shortcuts have been around as long as Microsoft Windows, some are new and exclusive to Windows 10. Here's what they are and how to use them

Microsoft recently released an update to the stock Windows 10 Movies & TV app, giving it a slight edge for productivity and video editing uses In 2017, Microsoft added a new feature to its Windows 10 operating system: S mode, a stripped-down, tightly-locked, and low-end PC friendly way to run Windows 10 How to fix Windows 10's sleep mode bug. It appears that Sleep Mode stops working when there's an optional system update waiting to install or if Windows attempts to install the updates.

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Recently a number of our clients have asked for a method to fix Airplane mode issues in Windows 10. It's been a common problem with many, who have recently upgraded to windows 10 Windows 10 disconnects network during sleep? Is there a way to keep network connection active even when the PC is in sleep mode? In this tutorial we'll show you 3 ways to prevent Windows 10 from disconnecting network during sleep. Method 1: Keep Network Connection Active When in Sleep Mode (On Battery & Plugged in) Open the Power Options Windows 10 has added features that are quite helpful for use in the field at night while enjoying astronomy. This article describes how to customize Windows 10 so that all of your astronomy software applications can be used in deep red Night Vision Mode Xbox Windows 10 App Updated With Game DVR, Live TV, and More. Plus, Microsoft outlines range of new features, including voice messages, now available on Xbox One for Preview members

Boot Into Safe Mode. Safe Mode starts Windows 10 with the very basic and essential apps and programs so that you can know whether there's something else causing the black desktop screen. To enter Safe Mode while your screen is black, press the power button on the computer and reboot the machine Windows 10 in S mode is available for Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro editions, so be sure to pick the edition that fits your needs best. Features for Windows 10 in S mode include quick startup, built-in security software updates, Microsoft verified applications, and integrated protection against phishing and malware 3. Gamers have been reporting that the Windows 10 Game Mode feature which should help them get more stable frame rates is instead causing stutters, freezes, and FPS issues while being enabled

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TV Buying Guide Gaming PlayStation Xbox Nintendo PlayStation Games Xbox Games Nintendo Games Virtual Reality Controllers Headsets Gaming Chairs Digital Subscriptions Games Console Buying Guide Soundbar, Blu-ray & Home Cinema Soundbars Home Cinema Systems Blu-ray Players DVD Players Smart TV Boxes Projectors Headphones Wireless True Wireles i use windows 10 on a asus t100 transformer book 1366x768 I want to duplicate my screen on a TV via hdmi (1080P) I can not get my TV in full screen mode and i can not adjust the resolution in windows 10 for my tv Is there a way in windows 10 or can i download software to do thi The Windows Vista-era parlor trick commonly called God Mode is alive and well in Windows 10. I, for one, was quite surprised to see it made the transition, as it's based on a hook into Control.

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HDR10 mode on windows desktop should be activated in the next windows update, but having to drop to 422 all the time to access 10-bit colour isn't worth it. Of course you could just use a larger font size / DPI scaling with anti-aliased fonts and the lower chroma res is pretty moot too You can find the download links below. The Mac build can be run alongside an existing installation. While the Windows build will replace your existing installation. You can uninstall the preview build and re-install the latest Plex Media Player 2.x release. Windows 7 or later (Windows 10 recommended), 64-bit Use Bluetooth devices with your smart TV Learn more Simplify your life with Samsung app Using Tablet mode in Windows 10 can make it easier to browse the web, and as you can see, it can also free up room on your screen. And using the swipe option offers an easy-to-navigate user experience—if that's what you're looking for After the rollout of the latest Windows 10 Cumulative update, some users are reportedly facing an issue where their PC keeps waking up from sleep mode. To be more specific, the sleep mode issue occurs when the KB4571744 update is pending on PCs running Windows 10 version 2004

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HP Notebook PCs - Connecting a Monitor, Projector, or TV (Windows 10, 8, 7) Choosing the right location for your computer display. Types of video connectors for computer display devices. Using adapters to connect a display to your computer. Extend these displays mode shows the Desktop extended across all displays All Windows 10 devices ship with a feature called 'sleep mode' where the system simply goes into a low power state and remains that way. After the rollout of September 2020 optional update. When your Windows 10 computer starts, you will notice the new Start Menu. Along with the updated Start menu, Microsoft is also expected to release updated Edge browser-related features Microsoft's Windows 10 in S Mode (or Windows 10 S) is Microsoft's answer to Google's Chrome OS: a secured, walled garden allowing only approved apps from the Microsoft Store

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After applying both the changes as mentioned above in the NVIDIA control panel, you would be able to run games on a full-screen mode in Windows 10. FIX 5- Enable the direct play option on Windows 10 Firstly, on the taskbar search unit, type and select Turn Windows feature on & off 3D in Windows 10 gives everyone the ability to produce 3D objects with speed and ease Windows mixed reality provides the thrill of VR plus phenomenal sense of presence PC gaming is better and more social than ever on Windows 10, with games in 4K, game mode, and Mixer game broadcastin How to enable Game Mode for any game on Windows 10 Once Game Mode has been enabled in the system settings, you can turn it on for any game. Not all games currently have full screen support, though

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In other words, Windows 10/8 needs to be working properly before you can boot into Safe Mode, which you only really need to use if Windows isn't working properly. True, Advanced Startup Options (and thus Startup Settings and Safe Mode) do automatically appear during Windows startup problems, but the lack of easy from-outside-of-Windows access is a little troubling Microsoft releases KB5001391 for Windows 10 20H2 and 21H1; The idea behind Eco mode is pretty simple, but it is one that will be welcomed by many users who have been frustrated by the lack of. Last updated on April 21st, 2021. If you want to change Windows 10 S Mode to Windows 10 Home, or you want to solve the problem For security and performance, this mode of Windows only runs verified apps from the Store, when you try to install a third-party app, continue reading below

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